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Hi there! I'm Gabe, and I'm just your average transman from a small Southern town. This is a place of (probably NSFW) oddities that entertain me.

You can find my creative stuff on my artblog.

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Zuko looks so different when his feathers are held tight vs when they’re fluffy. Doesn’t even look like the same bird!


Favourite ruroken arc || Jinchū Arc

You stole my sister’s fiance. You stole my sister from me. Now it’s my turn. Now, i’ll steal the one most precious to you..


ive been thinking about stuf.f.. 

its hard to cut hair with a gas mask onz

How to get a date


•Stand next to your chosen partner
•Wait until you get S Rank support
•Congratulations you are now married
•Don’t talk to them ever again


this is the funniest picture I’ve ever seen




After the success of Derp wolves I, I bring you

Derp wolves II

(Also, derp wolves III)


First of all, thank you very much ! Merci beaucoup ^u^

Never excepted so much likes on the legend of Zelda : Feather Time, so I tried to see if it works with some games …. now I think I can see birds and pigeons on everything ! Imagine these epic games only with pigeons and turtle doves !

I’ll call this idea: Story-bird ! 

If you could choose only one game on the list, which one would you choose ? :p 


wait what that’s not orpheus

collab w/ my lil sis bubblebrow (i stole this sketch off her twitter_, going ahead and uploading b/c i doubt i’ll ever bother to color this haha…. man lineart is fun tho!! i forgot it could be


My two customs chilling with each other! My konig wolf and my pink blade liger


Luna Buttons ! You can buy them at my table at Galacon !

If I get enough interests online I´m also willed to sell them online!

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