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Hi there! I'm Gabe, and I'm just your average transman from a small Southern town. This is a place of (probably NSFW) oddities that entertain me.

You can find my creative stuff on my artblog.

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WEYRWORLD by Michael Whelan, cover for All the Weyrs of Pern by Anne McCaffrey.

This is another of my favorite Michael Whelan paintings. I also had this hanging in my room for years and spent countless hours poring over every detail. This one taught me so much about reflected light and texture, and is one of the best examples of sub-surface scattering I found during my formative years as an artist. I have thought about this painting literally every single time I have ever painted light blasting through a dragon’s wing. I hope you guys can appreciate how many times that is.

I think this image is one of the building blocks that makes up my identity as an artist. Michael Whelan would be a cornerstone.

how do people have so much art stamina

i make like one drawing and go “that’s it” for like three weeks


i’ll do anything to make you happy, my darling boy.”

aaaaah they’re my favorite parent-child duo ;-;


My Garou:
• Tove, Glass Walker Ragabash – She’s fox-ish, but not Kitsune.
• Jasper, Glass Walker Ahroun – Mexican wolf
• Lisp, Silent Strider Galliard – Black Jackal-ish.

And a form size comparison! What is Glabro idek.


it took 7 years to upload this 

based on this


The Ahroun cub didn’t know how to howl, so the Ahroun fostern took her to the Caern by bus, to practice! Then they had no voices the following day, but it was worth it. Almost.

Teresia (cub) belongs to L
Sara (Snicker lady) belongs to Xhakhal


I am so done with this ( ;n; )
What even is consistency and fitting things into ten pages. I quit.

Junction (headphones) and Veil of Iron (hijab) and Hamartia (freckles) belong to Xhakhal.


Teenager Jasper.


I had a plan and pulled through! With minor changes. Made in the order: white, orange, black, green, red and blue.

I am the cheese master.
I am not ashamed.
Will draw someone else later.


Jasper has one expression. This is it.

My Glass Walker Ahroun.


was gonna colour these but i cannooOOT be assed so here’s some scribbles, poses reffed! denby being a little snuggly monster

personal space what is that wild concept


12 magnificent views of travertine terraces around the world
Travertine terraces are some of the most bizarre-looking geological formations on Earth. The rock that makes up these unique formations is a type of limestone commonly deposited by mineral springs through a process of rapid precipitation of carbonate minerals.


By dawrina from Reddit.


here’s a sloppy noivern okay off to class now

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